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  B WALKER SHOES born in, London England in the 1950's, created by J. Paladio who added rubber to the outer sole of his shoes and called it British Walkers making it easy to walk dogs for hours. It then made its way over seas to America in the 1970's, to be raised in New York City in the 1980's by HipHop Elite, B-Boys, Hustlers and Rappers. It was the shoe that platinum rap artist wrote songs about while wearing Lee jeans, Kangol hats, Cazal glasses, sheepskin coats, leather bomber jackets and big gold chains.





Now in 2014 we have updated this Nostolgic Britisher collection and re introduced it to a new generation Hip Hop Elite to carry on the tradition. 

Welcome back B Walker of London...


  img-20140510-111648.jpg       est .busy-bee-starski2.jpgbwalkers.jpg